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MK “Nobby” Director of Shooting Training Solutions instructs on the firearms training courses run by Shooting Training Solutions. Mark has some 33 years of Military service in UK Special Forces and the Royal Marines.

His operational service stretches from the Falklands war in 1982, to serving in every major conflict since, including 4 tours of Afghanistan. MK served for 5 years as the Chief Instructor of the Special Boat Service and 2 years as the senior SBS Instructor at 22 SAS.

MK has trained numerous individuals in an array of firearms, close protection and undercover operations, having gained immeasurable expertise in these areas from personal experience.

He has been decorated with MSM, QCB, Campaign Medals, Bars and Commendations for his service. Mark has a vast and extensive knowledge in the Security Industry and is qualified to teach and instruct firearms in the civilian environment. He prides himself on his instructional skills and teaching in a relaxed informative manner. He is qualified as an NRA Club Instructor, Range Conducting Officer and a RFD holder.

“Why use the rest?  When you can be trained by the best”

Shooting Training Solutions are  providers of Firearms Training.  It is the only independent Company dealing in Firearms Training to be accredited with ISO 9001 UKAS in the UK and have been audited by numerous Maritime, Shipping and Security Companies.

The ratio of Instructors to students is 1:4 giving you maximum time on the weapons and range. The courses are run inside, free from the elements creating a warm and ideal situation to learn new skills. We are proud to have trained some 2,500+ contractors in Firearms Training and are rivalled by none.

The high standard of training, and the 98.9% feedback satisfaction from course participants says it all.


“You will NOT get a better constructed, delivered and informative courses for your money” KK

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All live firing training is conducted in .22 Rimfire Semi-Automatic Rifles or simulated Pistols due to UK legislation.


Bespoke Firearms Courses. (Price to be arranged with client)

This course is open to anyone, whether you are interested in Firearms, looking for some training in Firearms or specialised Firearms Training in any field of life.

Your dedicated instructor will create a package to suit your individual objectives either as part of a small group (no more than 4 people) or on a one to one training basis with exclusive range use.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced firearms handler, if you do not continually fire and practice weapon drills, your skill set does fade and your reaction times will become longer in alleviating problems.

The instructor will quickly assess your current level of competency and you will work with you to improve your knowledge, safety and competency, to obtain your skill set and accuracy to the highest standard achievable.

If you require a course, please give us a ring to discuss your needs and requirements on Telephone: 0844 5874525 or drop an email to:

mailto: info@shootingtrainingsolutions.co.uk


Competency Firearms Certification Course.

(Price to be arranged with Client)

Having worked with a large number of individuals who are renewing or trying to get a Firearms licence over the last few years, most require a competency certificate for the Police to state they are competent and safe before being granted a renewal or new licence. There are a number of Police constabularies who have accepted our certificate.

The aim of this course is to introduce those new to firearms and to refresh those who may be returning to the sport to ensure a level of competence. This one-day course aims to take the students through the relevant safe handling and safe shooting requirements to meet the reasonable expectations relating to public safety. The course combines a training room based input with practical experience on the range with various weapon systems.

If you require a course, please give us a ring to discuss your needs and requirements on Telephone: 0844 5874525 or drop an email to:

mailto: info@shootingtrainingsolutions.co.uk


Business Corporate Firearms Day.

(Group price to be arranged with client)

Nothing could be worse than planning a great corporate day out and the great British weather prevents you enjoying the experience you wished for. What better way to get everyone involved and motivated by placing them in a dry, warm and safe environment and combining it with a fun filled live firing day in an indoor range.

Each event is tailored to your exact requirements and budget. We are fun, dynamic and very versatile and will provide you with a wealth of experience, knowledge, passion and confidence delivering your corporate day professionally and delivered by one of the best instructors in his field

Each individual will take away new skills, newly found confidence and having enjoyed an interesting, different and fun filled day.

If you would like to discuss your requirements please give us a ring on Telephone: 0844 5874525 or drop an email to: mailto: info@shootingtrainingsolutions.co.uk


1-Day Personal Development Course.

(Individual or group price to be arranged with client)

Taking your career to the next level is not just about amassing technical expertise and experience in your field. Interpersonal and communication skills are expected from the board and other senior executives. You may suddenly find yourself managing a different team and dealing with unusual and stressful situations where decisions need to be made quickly.

On our one-day course you will be tested to the limit. Not only are you put into an environment where you will have never been in, handling live Firearms but also you will be taught how to use them safely and correctly, teaching and communicating to your instructor on how to use them and showing leadership by example before going onto a range to live fire. You will make decisions and carry out drills that need instant reactions whilst under pressure. This kind of training will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to bring qualities to the senior role you aspire to. If you are seeking a promotion, developing these skills will ensure that you stand out from the competition.

There is no requirement for you to have used firearms before and all safety equipment and assets are provided.

Come along, push yourself and develop new skills essential to progress in business.

If you require a course please give us a ring on Telephone: 0844 5874525 or drop an email to: mailto: info@shootingtrainingsolutions.co.uk


2-Day Land Based Firearms Course. £500 Inc

This course is designed in cooperation with some of the leading Security Company providers and complies with PSC1/ISO 18788. The requirement was to provide a 2-day course to bring Security Contractors up to date with the weapon systems that are currently used within this industry.

The course will teach safe competent drills with an easy to understand teach philosophy that will make you feel confident and capable with any weapon after completing the course.

The course will include:

Detailed joining instructions, 2 days lunches with refreshments throughout the training, weapons, ammunition and safety equipment on the range including body armour, pro-active ear defenders and certification on successfully passing the course.

Subjects taught include:

Your instructor has the experience and knowledge of environments that need good, slick weapon drills and has specifically designed this course so that a high standard can be achieved within the timescale allotted.

After the instructor has initially assessed the student’s level of competency, he will, through relaxed and professional coaching provide an intensive training package to ensure the student achieves maximum potential.

On successful completion of the course, a Certificate will be issued confirming that a safe level of competency in weapon handling for Land Based Operations has been achieved.

If you require a course please book on line or give us a ring to discuss dates you require. Telephone: 0844 5874525 or drop an email to: mailto: info@shootingtrainingsolutions.co.uk


1-Day Maritime Firearms Familiarization Course. £230 Inc

This course may benefit you before undertaking a Security Training Course, it will assist you to reach the standards required to pass and be confident with different weapons.

If you require the above course please ring to discuss your requirement dates. Telephone: 0844 5874525 or send an email: mailto: info@shootingtrainingsolutions.co.uk


1-Day Maritime Firearms Competency Course. £230 Inc

The Maritime Firearms Competency Course is aimed at personnel who have not obtained a Maritime Firearms Competency certificate for the Maritime Security Industry and are certificated.

This 1 day course covers the requirements as laid down by the ISO 28007.  STS has helped a number of Private Security Companies to gain this accreditation. It also covers IMO Circular 1405/1406 and 1443 and meets the requirements of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers.

Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) can prove that they have carried out an intensive rifle handling and shooting package with confirmatory standards attained at stages throughout.

STS have worked closely with a number of Maritime Security Companies to ensure the course is of a high standard, and continues to meet those standards both to you and the security companies meeting their requirements for ISO 28007, safe and competent while using Firearms.

To book a course pick a date on the list to the right, fill in the required details and pay online to secure your place. For more information please contact Shooting Training Solutions or

View more details.


1-Day Maritime Firearms Refresher Course. £190 Inc

This course is open to anyone who has successfully completed ANY Maritime Firearms Competency course with ANY company.

This is the annual certification needed to continue working in the Maritime Industry as a PCASP. The Maritime Firearms Competency certificate is valid for one year. If you previously obtained a Maritime Firearms Competency Course this course will keep your status current and in date.

This course is open to anyone who has a Maritime Firearms Competency Certificate from ANY provider in the industry. This course will ensure PCASPs continue their professional development in the Maritime sector and to concur with MSC.1/Circ. 1405/Rev.2 25 May 2012 and ISO 28007. (4.45 & 4.46) PMSC should be able to provide documentary evidence, which should include: comprehensive evidence and detailed records of Live Firing Training, both initial and refresher training available for inspection.

The Maritime Firearms Refresher Course will allow you to continue to work as a PCASP knowing you have in date, relevant training in line with the latest ISO 28007 guidelines and future requirements expected in the Maritime Security sector. View more details

To book a course pick a date on the list to the right, fill in the required details and pay on line to secure your place.